Integrating ATMA INSIGHTS Videos into Your Course Curriculum Related to International Business

The following suggested topics can be added to any curriculum for teaching courses on international business that cover the fundamentals of global business at the two- and four-year undergraduate and MBA levels. Our suggested outline and digital content cover critical aspects of working in a thriving global organization in an increasingly complex environment. Our methodology seeks to address the seismic changes taking place on global, national, and local levels that challenge long-held and fundamental assumptions about global trade, globalization, economics, and cross-cultural business practices. Blended learning enables global educators to integrate instructor-led classes with our proprietary, digital supplemental resources designed to speak with authenticity to technologically-savvy students who see national borders as bridges and not barriers.


Introduction to International Business

What Is International Business?

What is Globalization?

Opportunities and Challenges of Globalization

Debate on Globalization

Navigating Ethics and International Business

A Framework for Ethical Decision Making

What Ethics Is Not

Impact of Culture on International Business (cont.)

What Is Culture and Why Does It Matter?

Culture is a shared set of attitudes, beliefs, values, mindsets, and practices of a group, including the behavior patterns and norms that are specific to that group. Gaining cultural awareness means having an understanding of another culture’s values and perspective—a key component in successful interactions. Explore how culture is defined

What Is Culture and Why Does It Matter?

Understanding Ethnocentrism

What Kinds of Culture Are There?

What Are the Key Methods Used to Describe Cultures?

Explore the analytical methods commonly used in business cultural anthropology to describe cultures, including high-context versus low-context, verbal and physical communications, individualistic versus collectivist societies, and power distance.

Culture Applied

Understanding World Economies

Classifying World Economies

Understanding the Developed World

Developing World

Emerging Economies

How Do Developing Countries Become Emerging Markets?

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