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Would you like to:

help your people sharpen communication skills, manage effectively across cultures, and develop a global inclusive mindset?

offer a unique and easy way for them to learn essential global business practices, insightful cultural nuances, and timely global topics?

provide a value-adding, reliable, and accurate resource tool to support their professional development?

offer custom curated learning unique to your organization?

help deliver a cost- and time-efficient experience that meets a variety of needs?

enhance the overall effectiveness of global initiatives and ADVANCE ORGANIZATIONAL ACHIEVEMENTS?

Your Optimal Video Channel for Global Learning

What Atma Insights Can Do For You!

User Benefits

Advance careers, sharpen interpersonal skills, and further global mindsets.

Learn quickly and effectively with easy-to-digest, retainable segments of knowledge.

Get unlimited access, anytime and anywhere, to an expanding library of videos that represent 90% of the world’s economy, the G20 countries, cultures, business, and global issues.

Learn key skills on interacting, communicating, managing, and negotiating across cultures.

Access proprietary video content that’s not found anywhere else.

Immerse yourself to truly see, hear, and experience each country, culture, and topic firsthand.

There are no talking heads, just authentic local knowledge and visuals.

Organizational Benefits

Invest in your people to advance organizational achievements

Impact operations and enhance profitability by enabling your teams to understand how to effectively operate and succeed across countries and cultures

Utilize proprietary digital learning content already used by nearly 3 MILLION USERS:

More than 80+ global Fortune 500 companies

Educators and students at leading universities around the world

Government & NGO professionals

Global enthusiasts

How Does It Work?

Choose a monthly or an annual subscription to gain unlimited access to 400+ videos, soon to cover 90 percent of the major global economies.

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Stream on all your favorite devices, any time, anywhere:

Recent Awards

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The EdTech Awards recognizes people for outstanding contributions in transforming education through technology to enrich the lives of learners everywhere.

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EdTech Awards 2022

"The North America Business Elite Awards are always a highlight for me, shedding light on companies across the nation, especially with consideration of the challenges all businesses and all industries have faced over the last year is such an honor. I offer a sincere congratulations to all of those acknowledged in this program and hope you all have a fantastic year ahead."

Awards Coordinator, North America Business Elite Awards 2021

“Atma Insights is a Netflix-style solution for global learners offering unique content for educators and students in a format that crosses borders and expands options.”

American Business Awards Judge

“Atma Insights is a savvy business solution and a helpful app that meets global learning needs. It provides professional learning solutions with great content for global businesses, providing important knowledge related to global business and insights into culture and diversity ” so users can “ be successful in business in each country.”

American Business Awards Judge

“Atma Insights provides professional learning solutions for education, helping educators access reliable, unbiased, accurate videos in a cost-efficient digital solution that meets the expectations of tech-savvy students. It is a good example for implementing professional solutions for both students and educators, delivered at the exact right time for online learning.”

American Business Awards Judge

Atma Insights won an Honorable Mention for Mobile Learning in the 2020 International E-Learning Awards, Business Division.

Honorable Mention for Mobile Learning